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Yami 2014 - $18.99 + tx

It's the blend of "two friends" to create a wine that has delicate floral and tropical fruit aromas with a hint of acidity. Can be enjoyed with fish, oysters, grilled chicken or simply by the glass on the patio.

Cabernet Franc 2013 - $22.99 + tx

Our Cabernet Franc has savoury bell pepper like falvours, medium-high acidity and mouth watering taste. Aged in French and American oak barrels. This wine with its spicy and soft tannins can be paired with roast chicken, pork, beef and lamb dishes as well as soft cheese.

Viognier 2016 - $19.99 + tx

Our Viognier has delicate floral, spicy and tropical fruit notes aromas with a hint of acidity. Pairs well with fish, soft cheeses and grilled chicken.

Cabernet Sauvignon  2013 - $23.99 + tx

Our Cab Sauv has deep garnet colour with bright reflections, aromas of ripe berries, plum and dark cherry followed by light smoky flavours with a full-bodied structure balanced by soft tannins. This wine can be enjoyed with grilled or roasted beef, lamb or pork as well as roasted vegetables and spicy soups.

Suvarna - $22.99 + tx

Suvarna - 'Su' meaning Gold and 'Varna' meaning Good Colour. Suvarna is a blend of Cab Sauv and Syrah. It has an enticing nose with black cherry, ripe plum soft vanilla and toffee taste. The wines soft tannins and solid structure support the ripe fruit aromas. It will artfully pair with frilled or roasted red meat as well as butter chicken and lamb masala.

Syrah 2013 - $24.99 + tx

This Syrah has deep purple colour, fruity aromas and flavours of blackberry and cherry with the spicy peppery cinnamon taste surrounded by soft tannins with the hint of vanilla to the finish.  It can be enjoyed with grilled meats as well as spicy butter chicken or lamb masala.

Ninish 2013 - $27.99 + tx

Like the blend of wines, the name is a blend of the initials of all the Toor family members. Aged 18months in French and American oak, this complex wine has a deep colour with a spicy black pepper, black cherry and vanilla aroma, Surrounded by soft tannins with delicate flavours, it can be enjoyed with lamb, beef and strong cheeses.

Yami 2012 - $15.95 + tx

Yami, meaning 'to pair together', is a blend of our 2012 Viognier with 10% of our 2013 Viognier. Together these vintages make the Yami pretty and floral. This wine is briskly tart making it refreshing and will pair well with spicy food. May we suggest a spicy Chicken Vindaloo.

Viognier 2013 - $17.95 + tx

Wonderful crisp acidity with a playful hint of cotton candy. This wine provides full coverage on the palate. Enjoy while sitting on your patio or pair it with a chicken, pork or rabbit dish with a creamy sauce and ginger.

Rosé - $18.99 + tx

Our Rosé with its ruby color, fruity aromas and crisp grapefruit flavor is a great Summer wine. This Rosé can be enjoyed with grilled chicken and pork as well as by the glass on the patio.


Ninish 2011 - $21.95 + tx

Ninish is a blend of Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, and Syrah. Like the blend of wines the name is a blend of the initials of all the Toor family members. You will find sweet plum and vanilla on the nose. It has a balanced palate with approachable tannins. 18 months in French and American Oak.

Syrah 2011 - $19.95 + tx

Notes of pepper, baking spice and tobacco. Smooth with nice structure. This is an easy going yet serious wine. Pair with grilled lamb for a wonderful evening meal. 18 months in French and American Oak.

Celebrate our awards with us!

Cab Sauvignon 2013-----Gold Medal At all Canadian win championship 2018 and also Silver Medal at Wine Align 2018 National awards of Canada


Cab Franc 2013 -----Bronze medal at all Canadian wine Championship and Bronze  Medal at Wine Align 2018 National Awards Of Canada


Syrah  2013 -------Bronze Medal at Okanagan Wine Festival, Fall2017 and Silver Medal at Wine Align 2018  National Awards of Canada


Ninsh 2013--------Bronze Medal At All Canadian Wine Championship 2018

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